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Journal of Korea Foundry Society is the official publication of the Korea Foundry Society. It was launched in 1977 with the title of “Foundry Technology”. The title was changed to “Jujo” in 1981 and finally to “Journal of Korea Foundry Society” in 2001. The official title of the journal is “Journal of Korea Foundry Society” and the abbreviated title is “J. Korea Foundry Society”. The purpose of publicating this journal is to provide periodically the foundry papers, technology commentry and foundrymen’s communication on foundry technology and society news to members. All the documents can be written in Korean or English. The foundry paper should be approved by more than three peer reviewers to be published. This journal is published on the begining of even-numbered months under the support of the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) of Ministry of Education (MOE) of Republic of Korea. Articles are indexed by Korea Citation Index (National Research Foundation of Korea). The URL address of the Journal is http://www.j-kfs.or.kr where full text is available. This journal is distributed to the members of the KFS free of charge and the person who wants to receive it should join the KFS as a member.

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